How To Book An Ear Wax Removal Golders Green Online

How To Book An Ear Wax Removal Golders Green Online

Golders Green in North London is a well known place to avail oneself of the finest medical and healthcare services. But with so much choice and so much on offer, how do you know which is the best?

Best Place For Ear Wax Removal Golders Green

We decided to put several ear wax removal clinics to the test and checked out their booking process, the friendliness of the staff, how comfortable the procedure was, safety of the procedure, and the effectiveness of the procedure. Obviously, we couldn’t have the same person undergo the same procedure at every clinic, so we enlisted the help of some volunteers with serious ear wax problems to rate each of the aforementioned criteria on a scale of 0 to 10.

No Online Booking At Many Clinics

Our volunteers were quite surprised that many ear wax removal clinics don’t have any kind of online booking system. These tended to be the smaller companies with only one or two ear wax clinic locations. This would mean that if your ear blocks up at 11pm, you would have to wait until 9am the next day to call one of these clinics to book an appointment. We feel that in the internet age, you should be able to book and pay for your ear wax removal appointment online at any time – day or night, and then you can sleep secure in the knowledge that your ear wax problem is going to be sorted out. For this reason, smaller clinics without online booking received an automatic fail in the booking process.

Surprisingly, Some Clinics Give Up And Use Syringing

We were quite concerned that many clinics that have inferior equipment, or less experienced microsuction practitioners just give up when the procedure becomes difficult and resort to using syringing or irrigation. It is well known that ear irrigation is inherently unsafe, and often leads to the onset of tinnitus and/or hearing loss. This is why most GP surgeries have withdrawn ear irrigation as a service that they offer. It is quite shocking that this service is being offered in private clinics, given its far greater risk when compared to microsuction. Any clinic which resorted to irrigation or syringing received an automatic fail in the safety category.

And The Winner Is…

Out of a field of 4 ear wax removal clinics in Golders Green, only one achieved full marks in every category. Every other clinic either failed in the booking category or the safety category. We won’t name them, as we hope that they will improve their standards and score better when we revisit our mystery shop comparison. This left just one clinic that scored 10/10 in all criteria, and we are very pleased to be able to highly recommend ear wax removal golders green.